Introducing The Breath Collection

Introducing The Breath Collection

  • Barak Ben

Asking why we chose to curate a handmade collection of lighting is a bit like asking why artists make art: because it’s creativity come to life. It brings a special means of expression into any space. Making things by hand allows for a personal touch and attention to detail that’s lost in mass production: no two pieces will be totally identical and they’ll both be more beautiful in their uniqueness. Each breath a person takes has new meaning and brings new possibility, just as each piece demonstrates.

Our Breath Collection is handblown by a select group of expert artisans all over the world, particularly in the Middle East where the history of glass is said to begin. We work closely with our designers to ensure the highest quality and the most stunning designs. We’re proud to partner with the Shakúff collective’s glassmakers as they bring the Breath Collection from inception to reality.

Our best-selling Kadur pendant is a stunning encased light that features an intricate latticework of drizzled glass threads encased in a transparent orb. Kadur, “ball” in Hebrew, is design at its finest, making a statement without a single word. The interior drizzle sparkles in gold, clear, or black. A clear orb is perfect for a radiant look, a champagne orb warms any space, or opt for the less conventional but just as special grey orb to add a soft final touch. While an individual Kadur pendant is beautiful on its own, groups of them make incredible chandeliers.

The Kadur Frost pendant light is the sibling of the original Kadur light, and just as beautiful. Instead of a drizzled glass orb interior, each pendant features a pristine frosted glass orb, smooth as a pearl. The white orb inside clear glass is reminiscent of snow on a brisk winter morning, while the Moon Frost is a warm rose gold. Those looking to cast a warm glow will favor the Champagne exterior with a frosted white interior. Of course, each space is shaped by its inhabitants as well as by its décor: sometimes a different take is required, which is why we also offer a Kadur Frost with a frosted white globe encased in transparent grey class. It is unconventional, it is stunning minimalist chic that’s uncluttered without being too barren.

Other designs in the collection take their inspiration from organic shapes and colors found in nature: the Fireball ceiling lights, available in your choice of six colors, evokes not only the sun’s warmth but also its power. The hand-blown Star pendant is a burst of glass arms extended in kinetic motion. The Star is available for individual purchase, or in groups (generally 6-27 pieces) to form a chandelier like no other.

For questions about the Breath Collection or any other lighting-related issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call us toll-free at 1.855.553.4199 or email us at We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.