Quick Guide: The Edison Collection

Quick Guide: The Edison Collection

  • Barak Ben

The Edison Collection takes its inspiration from both the past and the future. Back before mass production took over the world, each household item was crafted with care, precision, and the knowledge it would have to last. That same spirit and dedication comes to life in this exclusive collection from OHR Lighting.

Hearkening back to the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution altered the course of manufacturing history, these pendant lights, wall sconces, ceiling lights, chandeliers, and light bulbs fuse modern history and vintage sophistication.

 While trends come and go, quality never goes out of style. The Edison Collection is awash in neutrals like black, bronze, and brass with clear glass and the classic wire filament lightbulb. OHR’s Edison bulbs aren’t your everyday incandescent bulbs, though: each bulb features a handwoven squirrel cage filament, brass fixtures, and delicate amber glass. Each bulb is dimmable for a fully customizable lighting experience.


Light fixtures from the Edison Collection certainly wouldn’t look out of place in a factory or warehouse of yore, but they’re more than modern enough for homes, offices, and commercial spaces.

These lights can meet all of your illumination needs or act as statement pieces in their own right. Just look at the Polyhedron Large Pendant Light: its burnished metal frame bursts with vintage appeal but the clean lines and geometric shape are pure contemporary sophistication.

Polyhedron Edison Collection

In addition to pendant lights and bulbs, the Edison Collection also features chandeliers and wall sconces. Wire cages, exposed bulbs, the simplicity of glass and metal weaving a story in light…they’re all here. OHR Lighting brings the design you love and the quality you need.